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Car Tune Up


A tune-up is referred to as a major service, one which every driver should have at least every two years. Many parts of your car require more regular maintenance than that, but drivers heavily reliant on their vehicles should bring their cars in once a year just to keep an eye on your car and stop little problems before they become great big repair bills.


What is a Tune Up

Tune-ups adjust and replace small parts of the car that assist with the electrical functioning and the fuel efficiency of your automobile. Regular tune-ups allow for a mechanic to inspect the performance of your car and make sure that everything is performing as it should be, giving you the peace of mind knowing that there's not some major problem looming under the hood.


Tune-ups also involve the replacement of spark plugs. Spark plugs are usually only designed to last around 30,000 miles. Even high-end platinum and iridium spark plugs only last between 60,000 to 100,000 miles, so they too should be replaced at regular intervals. Old and unreliable spark plugs can cause your engine to misfire.


Tune-ups also usually include checking and correcting of fluid levels, an important part of monitoring your car's health. Oil, water, and coolant levels if depleted can cause any number of automotive meltdowns, and empty or depleted reservoirs help tell professionals what else could be wrong with the vehicle.


A tune-up also includes small but important touches like cleaning off the terminals and cable ends of your battery to ensure your car starts smoothly in all seasons. Belt monitoring and replacement, timing and recalibrating various functions are a part of tune-ups as well, and finding problems or frays in a belt will save you the horror of having a belt snap on you while on the road.


Your car is reliant on many tiny pieces which need to all be working together at the same time to enjoy full functionality. Tune-ups take a close look at the small pieces of your car you'd never think of yourself, and allow professionals to see and replace anything that might be wrong (or about to go very wrong).


Tune-ups also usually involve replacing the PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) filter, which can stall out or cause your car to run roughly if it becomes clogged. You'll be a negative crank case yourself if you discover your car has been running (or not running) smoothly due to a fairly inexpensive part.


You can get more life out of a well-tuned vehicle, and that longer life will be more productive and efficient than it would be if you left your car to the ravages of time and the lovely Midwest weather. Regular maintenance means fewer catastrophic breakdowns and fewer major mechanical repairs to your vehicle.