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Chicago Brake Job / Repair / Replacement


Checking your car's brake system at least once a year is a must. When it comes to vehicle safety your cars brake system should be a priority. A complete inspection would include checking your rotor thickness, brake fluid levels, brake lines, calipers, drums, pistons, and brake pads.


"Sometimes it's only a few miles between a soft brake pedal and a pedal that goes clear to the floor," said Stephen Powell, NAPA/ASE Technician of the Year.


Brake Deterioration Warning Signs


Noise - When your brakes start squealing, grinding, or making noises that sound out of the ordinary it is time to get your brake pads checked.


Brake Dust - If you notice an increase in brake dust around the rim or hubcaps of your wheels, they need to be inspected.


Your Brake Pedal - If you noticed a difference on the pressure of your brake pedal it could be a sign of air, or other problems with your braking system.


Car Pulls Left or Right - If you hit your brakes hard and the car pulls to the left or the right it could indicated excess brake wear on one side or the other.


ABS Light - If you notice your ABS light illuminating on your dashboard when it is not active it could be an indication of excessive dust / particle build up on ABS sensors.


Brake Inspections and Repairs

The Shawnee Service Center in Wilmette IL is a full service brake inspection and repair center. Let our skilled ASE certified technicians perform a thorough inspection on your cars braking system. If you need brake rotors, pads, calipers, drums, pistons or any other brake repairs or replacements we are here to help. We work with the leading brake manufacturers and suppliers, such as PowerStop, Raybestos, Centric, CARiD, Monroe, Bendix, BeckArnley, and many others. Stop in today and drive away with peace of mind.