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Complete Diagnostic Service Import / Domestic


Check Engine Light

Otherwise known as the Malfunction Indicator Lamp or MIL illuminates when a problem occurs in your engine control system. Unfortunately this light does not give you a lot of information. It could indicate a major problem or something minor. As a driver it can be difficult to tell if you need servicing immediately or if it can wait. If your check engine light comes on and is accompanied by smoke, noises, or other noticeable changes pull over and have the car towed in.


Complete Car Diagnostic Services

The Shawnee Service Center's state of the art shop is equipped to handle a large variety of makes and models. We can accurately diagnose imports, pre ODB, and domestic vehicles. If your check engine light seems to have a mind of its own stop in and let one of our experts take a look.


Emissions Testing

If you have an emissions test coming up and your check engine light is on bring it to Shawnee first. It could indicate an environmental problem such as malfunctioning oxygen sensors, or a bad catalytic converter. If this is the case you will fail the test. We are your first choice when it comes to Illinois Emissions Repairs.


Car Electrical Problems

When a car is experiencing an electrical problem it can be a daunting challenge. However, the experts at the Shawnee Service Center have practically seen and done it all. If your experiencing a problem with your car's electrical system bring it into our shop just north of Evanston in Wilmette and let our experts take a look.