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Oil Changes / Inspections


What does motor oil do?

Motor oil lubricates the moving parts inside of your engine. Motor oil also; prevents corrosion, improves sealing, and cools the engine by moving heat away from moving parts. Your engine is rubbing metal on metal and oil the barrier in between. This rubbing inevitably produces metallic particles inside of the engine. Your motor oil and filter work together to remove these contaminants and minimize sludge build up. Because of the heat, friction, and containments motor oil turns black in color.


Why should I change it?

Your engine needs lubrication to function properly. Changing your oil removes all of the contaminants that have built up inside of the oil. Changing the filter at the same time allows your car to continually remove containments. Regular oil changes will also improve your gas mileage, keep your engine running longer, and prevent costly repairs.


Shawnee Service Center Oil Change

The experts at the Shawnee Service Center can change your oil, check your fluids, and perform an inspection on your car as quick as the fast lube shops. The difference is our quality.


Our professionals follow manufactures instructions on what types of fluid your car takes. We also review service bulletins (updates) about specific makes and models. For instance the manual for a 2003 dodge neon says you can use dexron transmission fluid. But a bulletin from dodge later said that ATF+4 should be used instead to prevent problems. If your lube shop does not keep up they could topping off your car with the wrong or "generic" transmission fluid and that could cost you thousands down the road.


oilchange We have been providing top quality car care for more than 90 years. When you get an oil change from the Shawnee Service Center you can leave with confidence that you car has been taken care of properly.