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Scheduled Maintenance / Preventive Maintenance


Scheduled maintenance also known as preventive maintenance will keep your car safe and reliable. The problem is that scheduled maintenance is more than just an oil change every three thousand miles. Scheduled maintenance is different for everybody because it depends largely on two factors; manufacturer's specifications, and your driving habits. While it is true that age, and current vehicle condition can also play a role it still largely depends on the vehicle and the driver.


The Engine

This is the most expensive part of your vehicle and arguably the most important. Proper engine maintenance is absolutely essential. In order to avoid performance robbing, engine killing sludge a proper oil change schedule is essential.


Car Fluids

Engine oil aside, car fluids are equally as important. Checking, and changing fluids are an easy an inexpensive way to avoid costly repair problems. Your coolant even extended life variants should be tested at least twice a year. Coolant flushes ensure that your car runs at its optimal operating temperature. Brake fluids also need to be checked to ensure they have not become acidic. Finally, transmission problems can be avoid by checking the fluid and performing transmission flushes on a set schedule.


Filters & Sensors

In addition to fluids there are a number of filters and sensors on your vehicle. They all should be changed at scheduled intervals. Shawnee Technicians will put together a scheduled maintenance plan for replacing air filters, oil filters, transmission filters, and vehicle sensors.


Spark Plug & Wires

Spark plugs and wire sets are also a part of scheduled maintenance plans. While spark plugs will last a long time without needing replacement ignoring them could cost you. A relatively simple and inexpensive repair can turn complicated and expensive if a spark plug seizes into the engine block. Let our experienced technicians put together a maintenance plan tailored to you and your vehicle. Stop in our shop located across the street from the Linden L train station in Wilmette IL today to meet with an automotive expert.