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Car Belts & Hoses


Your vehicle depends on several parts in order to run as well as it did the day you drove it home. Even though the engine, transmission, and braking systems often get a lot of attention, there're a lot of smaller parts of automobiles that might not be as well-known, but driving would be impossible without them.


Automobile Hoses

Your car's major systems are connected by an extensive network of belts and hoses. If you think of your engine as the heart of your car, then imagine the hoses as the arteries that bring vital fluids to major components of your automobile. Your car's hoses carry everything from the antifreeze to brake fluid, and a clog or a breakage of these hoses can amount to some very costly repair bills.


Automobile Belts

Your car has a lot of moving parts and belts help transfer energy from one source to another. For instance, a serpentine belt is used to drive devices such as alternators, power steering pumps, AC Compressors, and more. These parts are designed to withstand incredible heat and friction for tens of thousands of miles, but eventually if you own your car long enough, you'll have to make sure your belts and hoses are replaced as needed.


Wear & Tear on Your Belts & Hoses

As your car begins to age, the hoses can get clogged and the belts can fray and split. The Chicago land area is rough on our vehicles: Incredibly high and low extremes of temperatures, all of which can lead to warping and cracking of the more fragile parts of your engine like connecting hoses and belts.


To get the most out of your car, and the most for your money, let the Shawnee Service Center take a look under your hood and make sure even the tiniest pieces are working as hard as you do.