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Coolant System Flush


The Department of Transportation says that cooling system failures are the leading cause of mechanical breakdowns on the nation's highway system. The fact is whenever your engine is running, it's generating tremendous amounts of heat and energy. Your engine works best at a relatively hot and constant temperature. If your cooling system isn't working properly you risk damaging your engine and reducing your cars lifespan.


Overheating an engine can cause permanent damage.


When cars overheat they can blow gaskets, create rod knocks and more. If your engine seems to be running hotter than usual, or if your air conditioning unit is working poorly, it's time to get it checked out. Don't wait until there are plumes of smoke and steam coming from your hood, because by then you might have to deal with the cost of replacing the entire engine.


Coolant System Flushing


A complete coolant system flush is more than just draining and refilling your radiator. The conventional "drain and fill" flush will only remove about 50% of the old coolant, leaving the other half in your heating core, and in various hoses and tubes.


The professionals at the Shawnee Service Center will use a pump that not only drains your fluid but puts pressure behind it. This ensures that all of the old coolant is drained, and air bubbles are pushed out.


Then, new coolant will be pushed into the system. Using a pressure system will ensure that the new coolant reaches the heater core and fills the hoses without permitting air into the system. Once this is complete the car will run for 15 minutes or more to ensure everything is working properly.


The best time to perform coolant flushes is before summer or winter. It will help keep your car cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. If you are planning a long road trip it is always a good idea to get your coolant flushed, and have your car inspected. Stop in the Shawnee Service Center in Wilmette today to schedule a Coolant Flush.