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Car Battery / Testing / Replacement


wilmetteinterstatecarbattery Batteries are as important to a car's functioning as the engine is. While people recognize the value in keeping their engines clean, maintained, and in good working order, sometimes car owners tend to neglect their car's battery.


High Quality Interstate Car Batteries

We carry a large selection of Interstate car batteries to choose from. It doesn't matter if you are driving a Mercedes that needs a lot of cold cranking amp power or domestic vehicle; we have the battery you need.


Why Use Interstate Car Batteries?

  • Interstate has been the top selling battery replacement brand in North America since 1990.
  • Research has shown that no other automotive batteries last longer than interstate.
  • Interstate rotates their batteries at all of their dealers to keep the inventory fresh.


Do Not Get Stuck In the Cold

batterytest Chances are it has happened to you at least one time in your life. You go out to warm up your car on a cold winter day when you turn the key and nothing happens. Radio works, lights are low but coming on but the car just will not turn over. Chances are your battery doesn't have enough cold cranking amps to start your engine. During the winter months your battery could lose as much as 40% of its power. That is why it is important to get your battery tested before the winter months.


Battery Inspection

Visual inspections can tell you if there's battery acid leaking, or poor terminal connectivity so you can know ahead of time before your battery corrodes away to uselessness. Many battery problems can be fixed with the replacement of the proper cables or terminals, or simply a tightening or readjustment in some cases. Stop in the Shawnee Service Center in Wilmette IL to get your battery tested, recharged, or replaced.