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Your Cars Suspension System


Car Shocks

Shocks are spring-based devices that are a critical part of your suspension system that absorb the bounce of the road. They also contribute to how well your car grips the road. New shocks put extra resistance on your tires to keep them in constant contact with the driving surface. In addition to increasing safety, they also increase comfort by dampening road noises, bumps, and vibrations.


Car Struts

Car struts are a little different. A strut is a complete suspension assembly whereas as shocks are just part of the suspension system. Not all cars have struts, while some have both shocks and struts. The strut combines other suspension components such as ball joints, springs, bearings, and shock absorbers. Like car shocks they help dampen impacts, and aid in ride control.


Why Replace Your Shocks & Struts?

Worn out shocks or struts can increase wear and tear on your tires and other suspension components. They are also extremely important part of your cars overall safety. Your suspension system is what keeps your tires on the ground after hitting bumps, potholes, or curbs.


Symptoms of suspension system problems:
  • Car scraps the road after a bump. (bottoms out)
  • The car nose dives after hitting the brakes.
  • Car steering becomes stiff.
  • Noticeable hard bounces on rough roads.
  • Noticeable squeaks or other noises after hitting a bump.
  • Rear end of the car squats upon acceleration.


Bad Shocks & Struts can lead to neck problems

Bumpy rides can also lead to neck, back and shoulder problems over time. If your car is constantly bouncing, then your head is also bouncing. Customers who replace their shocks, or poorly functioning suspension have remarked noticeable difference in neck, and back pain.