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Wheel Alignments


What are wheel alignments?

A Wheel alignment is basically an adjustment of the angles of the wheels of a vehicle so that they are perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other. Alignments are not really about adjusting the wheels as much as they are adjusting the parts of the wheel that cause different angles of contact. To get the most life and grip from your tires they must be tight and facing the proper angle, without this your car could lose control in inclement weather and leave you in a very dangerous situation.


Alignment Importance

Alignment issues can be minor or more severe depending on many factors, but if your car isn’t travelling straight when the wheel is in the proper position, it’s time to take your car in. Severe alignment problems place incredible stress on your tires and tie rods. If left untreated it could put you at risk of snapping a tie ride which can cause your axle to come off.


What causes an alignment to go bad?

A worn suspension part is often the cause of alignment issues. When vehicles get older, the suspension’s springs can have less bounce, causing the car to ride at a lower height than was intended, which can compound with other difficulties and cause misalignment issues.


Weak springs can also contribute to uneven or "cupped" tire wear. Another common problem is worn ball joints. The symptoms here are erratic handling, slow steering response, and irregular tire wear. Finally, worn tie rods can allow the tire to wander left to right, effectively changing toe as the vehicle rolls down the road. Irregular feathering will develop on the tire tread when this is the problem.


Shawnee Service Center Tire Alignments

Our technicians use top of the line computers to pinpoint the exact angle your tires need to be at. Not all shops are equipped to handle this. Proper tire alignment ensures better safety and handling. Why risk it when you can trust the experts at the Shawnee Service Center. Let our credentials, and top of the line service put your mind at ease.